Welcome to Jolly Polyglots

Did you know that a “polyglot” is a person who speaks many languages proficiently? Traditionally, British people are not known for their competence in languages, but I think it’s time to change that image!

Through “Jolly Polyglots” I hope to inspire a generation of “budding little linguists” who are enthusiastic to learn languages in a fun yet successful way! I believe that to achieve this goal it is essential that we start promoting language learning from as early an age as possible!

“Jolly Polyglots” offers pre-school programmes, language clubs and private group or one to one sessions for home schoolers or as additional tutoring after school. I provide language tuition to children from pre-school age right through to A level.

I offer structured programmes designed to inspire a natural enthusiasm for language and communication, ensuring the children are having fun whilst developing vital language skills and gaining confidence. Parents receive regular updates on their child’s progress.

Currently, I offer French and German tuition at varying levels in Macclesfield and in the surrounding area of East Cheshire.